About Lou Darriet

Having worked with small business development and inclusive growth in Uganda, Lou has a keen interest in private sector development, social entrepreneurship and international trade and development. She has also worked in China and Thailand in the field of sustainable trade and tourism, and more recently, with an NGO focused on food security and fighting hunger worldwide.

Lou is half-French, half-English, and is currently studying a Master's degree in International Development and Management at Lund University. She has an academic background in Business Administrations and Economics.

In the future she wishes to work with agricultural development and international food chains.

Sex abuse in a humanitarian context – time for a culture shift?

Women throughout history have faced sexual violence in conflict environments, but the recent allegations against humanitarian workers’ sexual misconduct might be the beginning of a shift towards fighting gender-based violence worldwide more proactively.

A women and her child walk along the main street of the Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, where sexual exploitation by men working for the UN and other international organisations has been reported. Photo: Flickr, Russell Watkins/Department for International Development.

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