About Jonathan Wirths

During the past four years, Jonathan studied and worked in the Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong. Coming from a strongly interdisciplinary background covering fields such as philosophy, politics, psychology, economics and sustainability, he decided to pool his interests in development studies.

Currently, he pursues a Master's degree in International Development and Management at Lund University focusing on the development of poor urban areas. In the near future, Jonathan seeks to deepen his field experience, especially in working with communities.

Women Are Taking Over – Female-headed Households in Latin America

A study in Latin America found that, given equal conditions, female household heads experience better living conditions than their male counterparts. The number of female-headed households has increased rapidly over the last decades as more and more people diverge from traditional relationship and livelihood arrangements. What does this mean for development actors and how is this trend to be seen in light of persisting inequalities?

Conditions for women in Latin America are improving. A portrait of a woman with her child in the Peruvian Andes. Photo: pxhere, unknown.

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Categories: Women in Development