About Elin Fredriksson

After visiting several development projects in Senegal, Elin became interested in how international development influences local communities on a small scale. One thing led to the other and now she is studying a master in applied cultural analysis at Lund University. She hopes to be able to make use of her skills in an NGO after her studies.

Why are feminist perspectives on migration important?

Last Thursday, 26th of April, we had the pleasure to listen to Maja Sager, PhD and associate senior lecturer at the Department of Gender Studies in Lund, in a FUF-seminar in Lund. She talked about feminist perspectives on migration, which is her research focus. The key question of the seminar was: Why is it important to analyse migration and refugee policy from feminist perspectives?

Maja has studied inequalities, racism, and sexism both on a local and a national level from an intersectional feminist perspective. Photo: Private.

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Consult the Users! How Toilets Impact the Fight for Gender Equality

When the train from Delhi sets off to the north of India, it passes by long fields at the outskirts of the capital. In the early morning, the passengers of the train can observe how dozens of men and women walk around in the field and eventually bend down to defecate. It is the daily routine of many people living in deprived areas in and outside of the city, where access to clean and safe toilets is restricted or even non-existent. The lack of privacy makes especially women more vulnerable.

Access to clean, protected and gender-separated toilets would encourage girls to go to school, also when they are menstruating. Photo: Flickr, Ignas Kukenys.

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Combating Climate Change Through Biofuels – At What Cost?

EU-standards aim at ensuring an eco-friendly biofuel production. But are social and ecological impacts taken into account sufficiently? Photo: alh1, Flickr.

Biofuels seem to be an important step in the combat against climate change, as they represent a renewable and less polluting alternative to fossil fuels. However, its agricultural production provokes controversial discussions. Several international organisations seek to raise awareness about the social and ecological impacts of the rising biofuel demand.

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Theme II: Sida

Welcome to FUF-Magazine, a website from the Swedish Development Forum’s division in Lund (FUF Pop-Up Lund).

As the word itself indicates, Development Cooperation can only be successful if everyone pulls together. Multilateral organisations and global networks are an important part of the cooperation, but so are also individual nation-states. Sweden’s contribution primarily goes via Sida – the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – which is the theme of the second edition of FUF Magazine. We will turn attention to Sida’s work in various settings, its sometimes controversial history and discuss its collaboration with business. We hope you’ll find it interesting!

Elin Fredriksson & Fredrik Björksten

A Sida financed project in Ethiopia. Photo: Per-Ulf Nilsson, Sida

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Sida on the Global Stage

As a government agency of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sida is the Swedish authority with the primary responsibility for development cooperation. But what role does it play exactly on the global stage through its membership of the established institutions of the UN, EU, and World Bank? And how does it achieve its development priority outside of the established global development agencies?

Sida plays a relevant role in the international network of development cooperation. Photo: Inga Kjer / photothek.net, Flickr.

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When Farmers Lose Their Land And Home

Have you heard about the investors, who come to cultivate our soil? They come from all over the world and invest. How shall it go for our country? Let the farmer keep his soil.” This is what three Ethiopian farmers sing in the beginning of the film Dead donkeys fear no hyenas by the Swedish director Joakim Demmer. They smile and move happily to the rhythms of the music – a strange contrast to the bleak topic of the film: land grabbing and its consequences.

When farmers are forced to leave their land, they lose an important part of their daily life. Photo: Synergos Institute, Flickr.

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