Theme 1: Land Grabbing

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In our first edition, we zoom in on the issue of land grabbing. Land grabbing has sparked a long-standing and on-going debate on how peasants and rural farmers, primarily in the Global South, are being dispossessed of their land. Whether it is multinational corporations, corrupt local officials or vague property rights that are behind the problem, there are many aspects to take into account when a land grab occurs. We’ve investigated the issue from a few different angles, and we hope you’ll find it as interesting as we do.

Fredrik Björksten & Kristoffer Berglund

Texts in this theme:

What is Land Grabbing – Rowena Guthrie

Land Grabbing and its Consequences – Elin Fredriksson

Neocolonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa, is China to Blame? – Matilda Englund

Everyone is Against Land Grabbing – Kristoffer Berglund

Farmland – the New Gold? – Brita Barnert

Combating Land Grabbing – Fredrik Björksten



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About Fredrik Björksten

Fredrik is currently studying for a Bachelor's in Development Studies at Lund University. He is 22 years old, originally from Gothenburg, Sweden and has world politics, especially including the United States senate and the French presidential office, as his main interests. Fredrik will study in Bordeaux, France during 2018.

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